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From fun to functional, all your needs are up your collar. Elevate your calling experience, music sessions and much more with these premium finish bluetooth earphones.

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Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity

CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation

Battery life upto 10 hours

IPX 4.0 Sweat Proof

comfortable fit

Barely There.

Always On.

Say goodbye to the days of tangled wires and uncomfortable headsets. Experience the ultimate in comfort with lightweight and ergonomic earphones which can be worn for hours at-a-stretch without any strain. With a 10-hour playtime, enjoy non-stop music with Collar which will stay comfortably firm in place to guarantee fatigue-free ears along with tangle-free comfort.


Redefining Style

Boasting of a lightweight body and metallic earpieces, collar has a sleek form-factor designed to complement your unique style. Whether you’re listening to your favorite pop numbers or the latest Bollywood chart-busters, best believe you’ll be doing it in style.


Seamless Connectivity

Featuring the latest 5.0 Bluetooth Wireless Technology, enjoy seamless connections with all Bluetooth enabled devices up to 30 feet away. Further, enjoy listening to your favorite music and answer calls with no loss audio transmission. Just turn up your playlist and you’re good to go.

CALL clarity

Clear Calls

On calls all day long? Collar's got you covered with the ultra powerful built-in-mic which makes sure you can hear and be heard very clearly.


Dual Pairing

The dual-pairing mode allows you to connect to two Bluetooth devices at a time for double the entertainment while having the ability to quickly switch between devices as well. These effortlessly stylish, yet functional set of earphones has all your bases covered.


True Wireless

stable design

Always in place

When not in use, the earbuds lock around your neck can be slid back into their grooves and the adjustable clips of the wire allows you to set them at the length of your convenience.

Technical Specifications


Audio Specifications
Driver Frequency Response

20 Hz to 20 KHz

Driver Type


Drivers Size


Passive Noise Cancellation


Audio codecs supported


Microphone Type


Microphone Frequency Response


Music and talk-time

Up to 10 hours on a single charge at 70%

Charging time


Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0

Supported Bluetooth profiles


Operating range

Up to 10 metres / 30 Feet

Physical Unit
Packaging dimensions

200 x 170 x 25 (LxWxH)



Operating temperature

-5°C to 45°C (charging from 0° to 45°)

Included in the Box
  • - Earbuds
  • - 3 Pairs of silicon ear tips
  • - Warranty registration
  • - User Guide

- 1 Year best in the industry warranty on manufacturing defects.















Awesome Earphones

Mivi Collar is an amazing bluetooth earphone.I really liked it, it has a good bass and is very handy and easy to use

Veshant Garg

January 15, 2020 8:12 PM

Better Headset among Budget Options

Mivi Collar is one of the better budget headsets I have owned and used. I listen to a lot of podcasts - many hours a day. I was looking for a headset that has a long battery life and I can comfortably wear for long periods of time.

Manjunath L.

January 15, 2020 8:12 PM

Great product

I bought this product as a gift for my brother it got delivered on time.So I was skeptical about this product as usually I have never tried this product before.Over all product fulfills all the area according to it's price.The only thing I felt the built quality should be more sturdy.Otherwise it's best at this price range


January 15, 2020 8:12 PM

A decent one.

Only the best tech products, components and parts make it inside the duopods and that’s what makes it the most reliable wireless earbuds out there.Only the best tech products, components and parts make it inside the duopods and that’s what makes it the most reliable wireless earbuds out there.


January 15, 2020 8:12 PM

Dream earphones.. nailed it.. value for money

Got something was really required for work from home culture.. it was really difficut to manage phone calls and laptop calls by switching the plugs eveytime..This earphones solved all the problems..Bluetooth connect instantly with phone and laptop at same time..Automatically switches when other device is ringing. Easy to switch and battery last long for the entire day inspite of use atleast for 10 continuous hours


January 15, 2020 8:12 PM



Does Mivi Collar supports my Phone model ?

Yes,Mivi Collar can connect to all the smartphone(Android and iOS) and devices which have Bluetooth connectivity.

Can I connect Mivi Collar to my Laptop ?

Yes, Mivi Collar can be connected to all laptops which have Bluetooth connectivity.

How do I ensure the best possible Bluetooth signal for my Collar earphones?

To get the best possible Bluetooth signal, follow this guidance

  • - Make sure the distance between your Mivi Collar and the paired device (such as the smartphone, tablet, computer) does not exceed 10 metres.
  • - Make sure there is a direct line of sight between your Mivi Collar and the paired device. Ensure there are no structures that can block radio signals, such as walls and doors, between paired devices.
How does dust build-up in the earbuds affect volume?

Earbuds inserted in the ear using in ear tips can become dirty over time due to body heat, sweat, or oil. Accumulated contamination may block the speaker and result in lower than normal volume.

We recommend that you regularly clean the ear tip using the following guidelines.

  • - Remove the ear tip from the speaker/earbud.
  • - Use a wash cloth dampened with warm water. Wipe the outer surface of the ear tip and let it air dry completely before the next use.
  • - Use a cotton swab dampened with warm water to clean around the hole in the middle of the ear tip. Let it air dry completely before its next use.
  • - Do not clean the speaker itself - clean only the ear tip.

General advice about care and hygiene

Do not handle the ear tips immediately after applying hand sanitisers, lotions, or sunscreen.

Try each different ear tips sizes to get the optimal fit (medium size comes pre-mounted with your new Mivi Collar). The fit should feel tight and secure in your ear. Ensure the ear tips is firmly attached

How do I get the best in ear fit with Mivi Collar?

Insert the earbud into your ear and rotate to fit comfortably. Ensure the microphone is pointing towards your mouth.

For optimum audio experience and fit, we recommend that you try each different ear-tip sizes. The fit should feel tight and secure in your ear.

The medium is pre-mounted on the earbuds. Ensure the ear-tip is firmly attached.

Does Collar supports dual pairing?

Yes, the dual-pairing mode in Collar allows you to connect two Bluetooth devices at a time and gives you the ability to quickly switch between devices.

Is Mivi Collar to sweatproof?

Yes, Mivi Collar comes with IPX4 rating, which makes your earphone completely sweat proof and ready for everyday hustle.

What is the playtime for Mivi Collar after a single charge?

Once you full charge Collar, you can enjoy up to 10 hours of non-stop music at 70% volume.

Manuals / guides

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